Hooting Coyote LLC is approximately 6.6 miles north of Elizabeth, IL near the intersection of Elizabeth – Scales Mound Road, and West Morley Road.  Most global positioning software will not recognize the address (1553 West Morley Road), so please use the following link to Mapquest, or input the following coordinates:

Latitude: 42.388723, Longitude:-90.250518

Description: From Highway 20, turn north on Elizabeth – Scales Mound Road. Continue 6.6 miles and turn left (west) on to West Morley Road. Proceed approximately two-thirds of the way down the hill. Turn left (south) on to the access drive marked by the 1553 address marker and the ‘Birkel’ postal box.  Bear to the left as the access drive splits and arrive at Hooting Coyote LLC.  Note that the office is on the second level of the purple garage-like building.

The Apple River bridge on Elizabeth – Scales Mound Road was re-constructed, so a direct path from Highway 20 to Hooting Coyote LLC is now possible. Please call prior to visiting, so we can determine the best route considering your starting location, and your knowledge of local roads. I would be happy to meet you at an alternate location, such as E*Town Coffee Co. in Elizabeth, IL. ( , or

1553 West Morley Road, Elizabeth, IL 61028

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